S h i p l e y  W i n d m i l l

 Shipley Windmill Volunteers

Volunteers at the windmill
Shipley mill was run for 22 years from 1987 to 2008 entirely by volunteers
- The Friends of Shipley Windmill.Gill is washing the sign at the entrance
The Friends have been prepared to give up their own free time to help open the mill to visitors.  Volunteers have carried out such tasks as taking the money and selling souvenirs at the desk, as well as acting as guides on the various floors of the mill. A guide is showing the millstones to some visitors

With the aid of grants from English Heritage and a number of other local and National charities, the volunteers have helped with the restoration and the maintenance of the building, and have carried out such tasks as cleaning and painting, as well as repairs to the structure and restoration of the machinery.
Some jobs, like making and painting smaller parts, have been done by volunteers in their own home or workshop.
Jim on a ladder repairing  the sails

A small group of mainly retired members have worked on the timber structure each week throughout the year.  The last working party was held just before the windmill closed, on July 15th 2009.

Now that the mill has been handed back to its owner, it is his again his duty to maintain the windmill, which is a Grade 2 star listed structure; that is a building regarded as being of National importance by English Heritage.

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